Tuesday – Call Your Legislators!

PhotoGrid_1432646449455Today, we’re asking you to make a quick call to your state legislators. Then, try to get at least 3 friends to do the same. We want the senators and representatives responsible for the passage of these bills to know that we stand united – we, the consumers, have a right to know what is in our food!

First, if you don’t know who your elected officials are, you can find them here. All you have to do is put in your full address, and all of their contact information is available. Check below to see if your elected officials are co-sponsors of one of the bills**.

Then, call their offices to let them know that you support GMO labeling. Emails can be sent too, but calls are so much more effective, and often take less time. You can say something like:

I’m your constituent and I need to know if I’m eating genetically engineered foods. [Say a little about why GMO labeling is important to you, personally.] Thank you for co-sponsoring the GMO labeling bill [if they are a co-sponsor]. Please do everything in your power to help bring the GMO labeling bill up for a vote this session.

Finally, and this is important: multiply your impact by having at least 3 friends do the same! Tell your closest friends and family (in person works much better than Facebook) why GMO labeling is important, and direct them to this post so they can make their voices heard to their elected officials. Together, we can pass these bills!

**Elected officials who are co-sponsoring the labeling bills:

Senators Nesselbush, Miller, Fogarty, Lombardi, Jabour, Archambault, Goldin, Coyne, Felag, Raptakis, Walaska, Ciccone, DaPonte, Algiere, Lombardo, Pichardo, Metts, Sheehan, Cote, and Gee

Representatives Hull, MacBeth, Bennett, Handy, Slater, Canario, Edwards, and Abney


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