Senator Robert’s Bill (DARK ACT II)

Senator Roberts is pushing a bill that would prevent Vermont’s GMO labeling bill from taking effect this July, a move Roberts says is needed to prevent “billions of dollars of added cost to Americans’ food.” He says that every American would need to pay an additional $1,050 a year for food as the result of changes stemming from the Vermont labeling law.

But that figure comes from a study that calculated the cost of banning GMOs. According to a research paper from the Corn Refiners Association, prohibiting GMOs from the American food supply would cost $81.9 billion annually.

According to that same study, published February 2016, the corn refiners-funded study actually found that nationwide labeling of genetically-engineered food would cost Americans a one-time total of $7 each.

The consumer advocacy group Consumer’s Union in 2014 put the cost of labeling genetically-modified foods at around $2.30 per American per year. That total, itself, is the result of a review of several other studies, many also funded by industry.

Talk of dire impacts on the food supply due to four simple words being included on labels is nothing more than scaremongering.

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