Hearing and Rally at the State House!

We just found out that the public hearing will be head after our press conference that was planned for Feb. 9th. It will probably start around 5PM. If you can not make it to our press conference, come for the hearing. Let’s pack the room like we did last year!

We hope that you can join us for the press conference and the hearing! The press conference will be held on February 9th at 3:30PM, at the Rhode Island State House for GMO Awareness day! There will be a brief public speech from our sponsor and some other testimonials, as well as local organic and/or non-GMO food vendors (FREE ICE-CREAM from Ben and Jerry’s!). We want you to show the general assembly how important this issue is to Rhode Islanders.

The public hearing will follow the session in the house. This generally ends around 4:30 so we expect the hearing to begin at 5PM. All people are welcome to testify on why they want GMO labeling in Rhode Island. Your voices must be heard if we want to pass the bill this year!

The aim of this event is to show that Rhode Islanders do care about labeling and will participate in political action. We encourage all of our fellow concerned citizens to set up meetings with their legislators, whether in person at the press-conference, hearing or by e-mail afterwards.

What you should know?

The legislative session began in early Jan. 2016, two bills have been introduced in the House and we are waiting for one in the senate.
Our main sponsors are Dennis Canario (Rep. Portsmouth) and Ray Hull (Rep. North Providence)
The Press-Conference will begin at 3:30PM and we want to pack the rotunda!
Our press-conference speakers include: our house champions, a senate member, a local social entrepreur from Hope & Main, a local mother and a Rhode Island business owner.
Park in the mall or on the street for easiest situation.
Hearing will start around 5PM and will last for an hour or two.
If you can’t come, what else can you do?

 Help us host a movie screening or talk at your home, a local library or community center.

 Work with us to identify local businesses, farms, community groups and organizations as potential network partners that endorse our GMO labeling campaign.

Rhode Island State House

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